A traditional Bordeaux wine-trade firm

Residing in Bordeaux for several generations, the Fleury family finds its roots in the 15th century through its Dutch ancestor, who settled on the banks of the Chartrons in Bordeaux to start a wine business with his home country.

Today, Les Caves Fleury is co-managed by Marie-Bertrande Fleury, who heads the Administrative and Financial Department, and her son Xavier, who, after a rewarding  experience in the USA, returned to the company in 2006 as the Export Manager and took over the operational management in 2009.

The company headquarters in the Chateau Grand Chemin in Cérons, 15 minutes from Bordeaux, is right in the heart of the Graves and Sauternes vineyards. An additional production unit is situated in the 19th century Chai in Barsac, surrounded by vineyards where the delicate blends are grown, processed and bottled.

The range of wines comprises the company's own brands and exclusivities, and extends to the classified Grands Crus. Since 2005, its activity is complemented by the distribution of wine from traditional owner-growers throughout the main French wine-producing regions.


Les Caves Fleury are well represented in Paris’ medium-size large-scale companies (warehouses, dedicated sales teams, approx. 1/2 million bottles per year in more than 50 sales outlets) and also export significantly to the United States and Asia (40 to 70% of sales depending on the year) through more confidential markets.